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Addiction: Recovery On TikTok

Acquiring formal treatment for addiction to alcohol and substance abuse can be challenging, and some individuals are turning to TikTok to assist themselves in their recovery instead. It is not a secret that TikTok is a hugely popular platform among all social media platforms. 

Over 1.5 billion people use the video-sharing website regularly, and the most successful accounts garner millions of supporters, followers, and trillions of likes.

A published study underlined 82 of the most-liked TikTok videos were associated with either cutting out or cutting down the use of substances or substance use disorder recovery.

Keep reading to see our top ten accounts to follow on your recovery journey!

Key Takeaways

It can be challenging to find professional therapy for alcoholism and other substance use disorders. Therefore some people are using TikTok to support their recovery instead. 

  • Certain people use TikTok to aid in rehabilitating substance use disorders.
  • On the video-sharing app, recovery-related videos have received millions of views.
  • Because getting access to official treatment might be challenging, some people are substituting TikTok.

People are using TikTok to help them find social support in their recovery. The Haven Detox-New England offers appropriate formal treatment services for the best addiction care.

2.2 billion and 886 million views of the hashtags #sober and #sobriety are on TikTok.

Addiction Recovery: What is It? 

The definition of recovery is a return to a typical or standard form of mind, health, and strength without using behaviors or substances that were previously misused. 

Learning how to function without turning to drugs or alcohol as a coping technique is the basis of addiction recovery.

How TikTok Plays Role

Among various TikTok trends centered around mental health are videos about addiction recovery. Addiction recovery TikToks gathered an estimated 2 million views.

More than 40% of the films showed a person’s path from substance use to recovery, more than 33% featured sharing or celebrating a milestone, and more than one in ten related to repeated drug use.

Why People Shifting to TikTok For Treatment

Addiction disorders are more common than you might believe. As identified by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), they can result from the use range of substances, from alcohol abuse and tobacco to cannabis, caffeine, opioids, stimulants, and hallucinogens.

As stated in the study, around 20 million Americans in the United States (US) experience the diagnostic measures for a substance use disorder every year. Among all of them, only 10% will acquire proper substance abuse treatment.

It can be very challenging to acquire appropriate treatment services for many individuals with a substance use disorder. 

There are not enough recovery support services available to meet the population’s requirements in many regions, and still, there is a very real stigma surrounding substance use disorders. 

It can discourage individuals from seeking support, whether from relatives or friends or in formal treatment. Even it prevents policymakers and politicians from addressing the disorder treatment of substance use and giving funds towards it. 

TikTok videos and posts can deliver empowerment, encouragement, and hope. Professionals and experts can benefit from this positive change, and the videos can support individuals in accomplishing their plans even if they fear failure. 

Many people with substance use disorders deny that they have problems, and if they are aware of a problem, they may want to hide it because they fear relapsing and don’t want to deal with the repercussions of failure.

The TikTok Community

Some people have thus begun looking elsewhere, especially online. Although watching TikTok videos is not therapy, it is clear that people are finding some comfort in them.

Due to the stigma associated with substance use disorders, individuals who may not feel comfortable discussing their illness with loved ones may discover a sense of community and others who understand what they’re going through on social media. 

It may be especially true for younger people, who make up the TikTok target audience and may see their peers use drugs and feel excluded because they are sober. They can communicate with others in a similar situation, although virtually.

The fact is that TikTok is easy to use and understand. Substance recovery-focused TikTok videos are not only made by experts and professionals but individuals who have experienced addiction themselves and can explain how to recover from addiction. 

Top Addiction Recovery TikTok Accounts

Here is the list of top-notch addiction recovery accounts that will help you eliminate your addiction. 


This account shares inspiring stories from mental health professionals and recovering addicts. Thanks to these stories, you can learn various coping mechanisms and recover from substance use disorder. 

Everyone can share their success stories, and others get help watching them. 


Dr. B’s addiction rehabilitation draws on his expertise as a physician to give you factual information on medication-assisted treatment, the telltale signs and symptoms of substance misuse, and the general medical background of several often abused medications.


Sal is getting clean from narcotics and alcohol. He sets a good example and is a true gentleman, and he is constantly there to offer encouragement and assistance. Sal and his wife have Sophie, a daughter with special needs. 

He talks about how his daughter saved his life and how he became sober. Sal organizes Zoom Recovery groups regularly. 


Sammy recently reached a follower count of over 160,000. On his TikTok, he has sessions every Friday and performs sober comedic sketches. His smile never leaves his face. Sammy is a fantastic example of what recovery can accomplish for young people.


Christine talks about her struggles with opiate and sleeping pill addiction. She nearly lost everything due to her addiction. The divorce papers were served on her by her husband. She turned her life around, and now she uses her experience to assist addicts in getting help.


She is incredibly inspiring to women in recovery and shares her experience on her TikTok. She shares the ups and downs of recovery and sobriety in an honest way that resonates with others in recovery. Dizzy virtually often leads zoom meetings. 


Tara has been in recovery for years after developing a PCP addiction. She enjoys dancing and giving you healing advice. Check out her page if you want to have fun and love to dance.


Living in Texas, Brian and his wife Ta cook, aka Tara, are both in recovery. Because of his heroin addiction, he served 11 years in prison and was homeless. Check out the page to reduce your anxiety. 


Her writing is imaginative. She is most likely one of the inventive TikTokers for rehabilitation. She writes songs and skits about restoration and performs them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is sober TikTok?

There have been 2.2 billion and 886 million views of the hashtags #sober and #sobriety on TikTok, respectively. The most popular videos include sketches, dances, and lip-syncs that are common on every hashtag, alongside candid flashbacks of an addict’s most trying period.
Please seek professional assistance if someone you know is struggling with alcoholism, addiction, or a mental illness. 

How can a person recover from an addiction?

A person can recover from an addiction by following these helpful steps. Write down your reasons for change.
Reflect on any prior attempts you may have made to recover. 
Decide on clear, measurable goals, such as a start date or drug usage restrictions.
Remove all signs of your addiction from your home, place of employment, and other frequented locations.
Inform your loved ones that you’re devoted to your recovery and ask for their help.
The negative emotions you dampened with drugs will reappear again once you’re sober. For therapy to be helpful, your underlying issues must be resolved first.

How do I get over an addiction fast?

According to prior research, the following actions can help you achieve your recovery dreams. If you follow the list of five pieces of advice, your chances of recovery increase:
Decide when to stop.
Alter your surroundings.
Get distracted.
Review your prior attempts to quit. 
Establish a support system.

The Haven Detox-New England Gives Personalized Care

TikTok is an excellent resource for finding peer support, but for medical advice, it is always best to have an expert personalize your care. 

Skilled experts are assisting patients at The Haven Detox-New England in leading healthy lives and progressing toward recovery. 

We provide evidence-based treatment plans where we promote self-empowerment and detox in the safest and coziest setting possible using the SMART Recovery program’s concepts. At our residential treatment facility, you’ll discover how to lead a new life devoid of drug use. 

To learn more and get registered, call our confidential counselor at (844) 933-4145.