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Can You Be Allergic to Alcohol?

Have you started to notice any unpleasant symptoms after alcohol consumption? In particular, symptoms that most individuals do not experience when they drink? Whether these symptoms have recently appeared out of nowhere or you’ve always had them after drinking, signs of alcohol allergies and intolerance should not be overlooked. In those people with alcohol allergy, … Read more

Potential Risks of Mixing Ativan with Alcohol

When your doctor prescribes you to use Ativan to manage anxiety symptoms, you may think it is safe to take with alcohol. However, that is not the case. Alcohol is a sedative drug that slows down your brain function, and you feel relaxed. Ativan also affects your brain, and mixing it with alcohol can cause … Read more

How Alcohol Can Affect a Person’s Anxiety

Alcohol use and anxiety disorders are frequent co-occurring disorders that can be highly distressing and harm a person’s life. A pre-existing anxiety problem can influence an alcohol use disorder since it can worsen anxiety, cause new anxiety symptoms, or have the opposite effect, as many people use alcohol as an unhealthy coping mechanism. Key Takeaways … Read more

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): How It Works

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an international group of men and women with a drinking problem. It is a multiracial, non-professional, self-supporting apolitical, and worldwide program. There is no age limitation or education requirement to get into Alcoholics Anonymous. The only requirement for AA membership is the desire to quit alcohol addiction. Overview of Alcoholics Anonymous … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Vivitrol and Alcohol

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is the third most significant avoidable cause of death in the United States. A 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 14.5 million US residents who are 12 years old and older, including 9 million males and 5.5 million females, have an alcohol use problem. There are now … Read more

How to Detox Alcohol From Your Body

If you’ve ever been intoxicated to the point of feeling nauseous, you’ve undoubtedly wondered how to get the sensation to go away. That is where detoxification comes into play. There are multiple ways to detox alcohol from your body which help you to eliminate alcohol effectively.  If you take care of yourself and use the … Read more

What Is The 12-Step Program?

The founding members of Alcoholics Anonymous created the 12-Step Program to establish the essential guides that were designed to help overcome an addiction to alcohol. The 12-Step Program was first developed and put to use by Alcoholics Anonymous; the program entails a 12-step plan for keeping compulsions and addictions in check. A twelve step program … Read more

Can You Drink Alcohol While Taking Antibiotics?

Alcohol must be avoided while taking antibiotics since harmful interactions and severe side effects are likely to occur. This is all in addition to the negative impact and adverse side effects that alcohol has on the human immune system. Gastrointestinal Problems From Mixing Alcohol and Antibiotics When the body starts the process of breaking down … Read more

Mixing Naltrexone and Alcohol

Naltrexone is a medication-assisted treatment to help people craving alcohol or opiates. Medical professionals recommend using naltrexone while abstaining from alcohol because mixing naltrexone with alcohol can cause specific problems.  When you consume alcohol, naltrexone prevents intoxication’s pleasurable effects and sensations. As a result, individuals with alcohol use disorders can reduce their drinking habits. However, … Read more

How to Stop Drinking Alcohol – 10 Ways to Quit

Many people are concerned about alcohol use, withdrawal symptoms, drinking habits, mental health, and long-term alcohol treatment options. No matter what your motivation is to fight that glass of wine – it is always wise to check in with a doctor. Doctors will offer you professional help, and together, you can decide the best ways … Read more