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5 Things to Know About Mental Health Treatment

Mental health problems affect tens of millions of Americans every year. Unfortunately, only half of the individuals with a mental illness receive treatment, reports the National Institute of Mental Health. When untreated, many types of mental illnesses will gradually reduce your quality of life and increase other mental and physical health problems—including disability and suicide. … Read more

Keep Your Job and Get Alcohol Addiction Treatment

You may fear drug or alcohol rehab will halt or hurt your career, and you’re not the only one. Many people put off substance abuse treatment, thinking they’ll lose their job or look bad at work. Luckily, federal law protects you in the workplace as you recover from addiction. Know your rights as an employee, … Read more

Fitness in Recovery and Why It’s Important for Healing

Exercise offers countless benefits for people recovering from addiction—why many drug and alcohol rehab centers have on-site fitness centers and fitness programs. Exercise can reduce stress, regulate hormones and brain chemistry, and boost the immune system after being compromised by chronic drug and alcohol use. Continue reading to learn more about fitness benefits in recovery … Read more

What Drug Recovery Means as a Single Parent

Raising children is one of the most precious experiences we can have. Yet, it can also be one of the most difficult, especially if you are a single parent. To add insult to injury, what can make rearing a child on your own even harder is when you struggle with substance use disorders. This may … Read more

Signs and Symptoms of Wet Brain

People struggling with alcohol use disorder—and others concerned about the consequences of long-term alcohol abuse—may have come across the term Wet Brain Syndrome. However, many people are unsure of exactly what this condition entails. Wet Brain symptoms can include memory loss and brain damage. Read on for a primer about why a person may develop … Read more

Can Alcohol Detox Be Done at Home?

When a person is addicted to alcohol, they may feel that their entire existence revolves around having their next drink. They may be desperate to stop drinking and gain back control of their lives. Some people may feel hesitant to reach out for help quitting in a medically supervised setting. Instead, they may try to … Read more

What Is SMART Recovery?

Many people who have had a personal or indirect experience with addiction are familiar with the concept of a 12-step program for recovery, like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Within these programs, people can find peer support for maintaining their sobriety and follow structured pathways toward building back their lives. However, in recent … Read more

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