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Sober Apps: Recover From Addiction

Millions of people in the United States (US) deal with drug and alcohol addiction. About 1 in 12 Americans needed substance addiction treatment in 2015, and about 20.8 million people met the diagnostic norms for a substance use disorder. 

People fight with fear of obtaining care due to cost, childcare lacks, lack of insurance coverage, or job loss fear.

App developers have merged evidence-based research with the latest technology to create aids for addiction treatment and recovery. So that people can carry them around in their pockets, giving them constant help and healthy relationships with their minds, body, and spirit. 

Now, app developers make it simple for everyone. It is easy to monitor your fears, track your sobriety journey, keep a virtual handbook, and connect with others who are also trying to recover.

We’ve ready a list of some of the best sober recovery apps to help you locate apps and keep you eager to know their worth.

Sober app developers have merged evidence-based research with the latest technology to create aids for addiction treatment and recovery.

Key Takeaways

People struggle with the anxiety of receiving care because of high costs, family responsibilities, or worry of losing their jobs. App creators now make it simple for everyone.

  • You can stay sober with the help of apps.
  • App developers disperse recovery tools so users can carry them along.
  • It’s challenging to recover from alcohol on your own. Users of the app can provide a friendly sounding board for those feeling weak. 

The Haven Detox-New England helps you maintain your health by locating the best apps. Call a professional advisor at (844) 933-4145 for help.

What Are Sober Apps For Addiction

The word sober means avoiding toxic chemicals, such as alcohol, drugs, and addictive substances. 

Individual meetings, counseling for addiction, and finding new hobbies are all things people in recovery do. Apps for smartphones have now been added to this list. Many people are now using technology as a great tool to aid someone in maintaining their recovery.

Social media sites for those getting over addictions are called sober social apps. They have been gaining ground during the past five years. In addition, they received millions of dollars in funding from the National Institutes of Health.

Like any social media platform, they appeal to many people. They appeal to those looking for extra support and motivation to stay sober. 

They also demand those seeking new friends in the recovery community, seeking to fall in love and commit to a relationship for the long term with someone who can relate to their struggles. 

These apps can also act as a lifeline for users when they risk relapsing after resuming their usage.

Top Addiction Recovery Apps

Though sobriety apps are a new technical change, many iPhone and Android apps have already achieved overall popularity worldwide. Sober apps are a valuable resource for all users.

The top five apps for the addiction are listed below:

Sober Grid

Your sober social network can be found on Sober Grid. It offers a peer support group and connects you with the sobriety people in your area. It can also track your recovery with check-ins and quests. This app has a sobriety counter. 

You can make your information on the app as private or public as you choose. 


Nomo is a fantastic resource for those helping someone through recovery. The clock feature can help you identify emotional turning moments. Nomo’s motivation area allows you to share any views of fear, joy, or guilt you are having. 

It makes you feel less isolated while going through the recovery process.


Keeping track of your days sober and clean is simple with SoberTool.

One of the app’s most unique tools is working with triggers and preventing relapse. 

You can respond to inquiries and be led through encouraging messages that will motivate you to maintain sobriety if you feel like you might relapse.

I Am Sober

The I Am Sober app is a motivational guide app that records sobriety without ads (milestones, how much money was saved, and more). 

The app also lets users record their daily actions and reminds them to pledge daily.

24 Hours a Day

The app is based on the AA Big Book, which you can read any time you feel like you need some help from the app’s 366 daily meditations. It might be helpful if you can’t make it to 12-step meetings. 

Daily meditations provide motivation and inspiration. You can read inspirational quotes via phone with this helpful recovery tool.

Social Apps are Vital to Addiction Recovery

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram typically help users speak with family members and sober friends who don’t understand what it’s like to struggle with addiction. 

Because they are afraid of being judged and mocked, users often find it challenging to open up about their real feelings and risks in this habitat. 

Members of sober social networks are familiar with the challenges of post-treatment recovery. They can provide a skilled and friendly sounding board for those feeling weak. 

The social apps can raise traditional recovery groups for those who cannot attend as often as they’d like, even while they are not a substitute for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best sobriety counter app?

Sobriety Counter is one of the quit drinking apps with the best ratings. The app has a countdown counter and sobriety calculator to monitor the health edges of stopping drinking overly.Users can access their savings and designate specific rewards to be paid for with their savings. The Sobriety Counter app can track a user’s sobriety time.
To help their bodies slowly break their new habits, users may set up schedules and reminders using the app’s “quit slowly” mode.
One of the most often-used apps, sobriety counter, provides users with a complete way to manage their recovery plan and share their experience with people they can trust.

Are there any free sober apps?

Sobriety apps provide the highest level of comfort due to their portability. They are portable and convenient. Everyone carries a smartphone with them everywhere they go.You can get an app that deals with drug addiction recovery regardless of where you are or what time of day it is. Choose an app from the top free sober-related apps list that sounds good.
I Am Sober
AA Speakers To Go
NA Speakers
Recovery Box
Sober Grid
12 Step Toolkit
Twenty-Four Hours a Day
The recovery-based apps noted above can support you in maintaining contact with a support system and achieving your therapy goals regardless of how long you have been sober.

Is there any app to meet sober friends?

The most popular sober social network for those quitting drugs and alcohol is called Sober Grid. As you spend more time being clean and sober, unlock badges.Recovery is simple to maintain as a daily habit with the help of daily check-ins and quests. Finding neighbors in your area who don’t drink or use drugs is simple.
With the help of this social app, users can connect with sober individuals locally and online. 
Clean And Sober Love (CASL), a brand-new yet rapidly growing app, is a free download that unites sober people looking for love. More than 30,000 people have downloaded the app to move on to the next stage thus far.

Does the I am sober app work?

It is an easy-to-use app. It keeps track of recovery by recording acts on a sobriety counter. The amount of money the user has saved by abstaining from drug and alcohol use is also tracked.I Am Sober offers motivational sayings to keep you inspired.
It’s an ideal tool for anyone looking for a group of people with similar incidents. Those battling multiple addictions may find it to be of great use. Users aiming to identify the behavioral habits that come up with addiction and sobriety will find I Am Sober a great app.
I Am Sober is a more comprehensive app than a simple sobriety counter. It keeps track of your sober days and teaches you new routines. I Am Sober keeps you healthy through ongoing motivation.

Find Sobriety at The Haven Detox-New England

People in recovery can access various resources outside the Apple and Google Play stores. There are more and more people who can obtain counseling services.

Highly skilled, licensed therapists are available at The Haven Detox-New England to treat mental health and substance abuse. 

You can receive medication-assisted treatment and access individual and group therapy with the support of our Smart Recovery program and cognitive behavioral therapy.

If you want to get a treatment program for your drug and alcohol addiction, The Haven Detox-New England can help. We can clarify how we can help you achieve and maintain sobriety since we understand how difficult it can be to ask for help. We offer a variety of care and service options for the entire family.

If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help. 

If you want to speak privately and find resources for life after recovery with a member of our helpful staff, give us a call at (844) 933-4145.

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