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Our Team

Nabil Georges
Executive Director

Nabil George is Executive Director at The Haven Detox-New England. While overseeing daily operations, performance, and culture, he helps achieve outstanding care for all clients of our facility through strategy, direction, and leadership. As an experienced administrator in mental health and substance abuse treatment, he believes in partnering with clients to invest in strengths, sort out challenges, and achieve life goals. Centering on people and protecting excellence, he understands how to inspire through relationships and advocacy. Fluent in English, Arabic, French, and German, Nabil wields sophisticated, multicultural competency in every critical function, enhancing treatment well beyond industry standards.

Dr. Karl Liebermann
Medical Director

Dr. Liebermann is Medical Director at The Haven Detox-New England. He has been treating individuals with addictions since 2006 in both inpatient and outpatient settings.  He has been board-certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine since 2012, and he has held a Certificate of Added Qualification in Addiction Medicine by the American Osteopathic Association since 2018. He is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Osteopathic Academy of Addiction Medicine. He also holds board certifications in Family Medicine and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine.

Bethany Connolly, LICSW
Clinical Director

Bethany Connolly is Clinical Director at The Haven Detox-New England. With over 20 years in the mental health field, Bethany has worked as a clinical social worker, passionately helping patients find relief from psychiatric and substance use disorders. Critical to our clinical leadership, her skills in family therapy, supervision, coaching, and development help drive our individual treatment of each patient for full recovery of body and mind after active addiction. With a Master’s of Social Work from Simmons College, Bethany demonstrates how a passion for exceptional care can lead to breakthroughs in individual recovery and strides in community healing.

Michael Leggiero
Vice President of Business Development

Michael Leggiero is Vice President of Business Development at The Haven Detox-New England. In his role, Michael genuinely enjoys making an impact on people’s lives by being an agent of change. He helps steer the direction of our organization’s development in Massachusetts and its influence beyond from a unique perspective, having been involved in grassroots recovery for many years. In recovery himself for over 12 years, Michael is dedicated to helping those in active addiction find hope and begin healing. With his strategic vision and skill, The Haven Detox constantly expands its ability to help people in need of treatment find accessible yet exceptional care.  

Kathleen Wise
Case Manager Supervisor

 Kathleen Wise is Case Manager Supervisor at The Haven Detox-New England. With 16 years in the field of healthcare management (and counting), Kathleen oversees the operations and administration of case managers, but she also supervises our personalized treatment plans. Through Kathleen’s skillset and experience being in recovery for over 24 years—The Haven Detox effectively coordinates all aspects of evaluation, recreation, and therapeutic activity that we provide patients across each level of care. Kathleen finds it deeply rewarding to see clients progress and succeed as they move into new phases of life after detox and residential treatment. 

Zachary Sweet
Lead BHT

Zachary Sweet is Interim Program Director and Lead Behavioral Health Technician at The Haven Detox-New England. In his dual role, Zachary facilitates programs, supervises staff, and ensures contractual compliance while helping to treat patients for mental health conditions with expert clinical direction. An organized and compassionate team leader—Zachary attended Quinsigamond Community College with a concentration in Nursing. With over five years in the field of behavioral health, he continues to follow his passion for helping others find health and wellness through our programs, catering to each patient as the unique individual he sees before him.

Gilda Romeo
Program Director

Gilda Romeo is Program Director at The Haven Detox-New England, where she commands over 10 years of experience in healthcare and operations to deliver exceptional care through our facility’s services and treatments. Central to the coordination, facilitation, supervision, and compliance, Gilda loves the daily rewards of working with both staff and clients at a residential and detox facility that operates around the clock to introduce freedom from addiction into people’s lives. An alumnus of Fitchburg State University—Gilda is an effective, committed leader. The Haven Detox offers seamless programming for all patients through her efforts and talents.

Christie Kauppila
Director of Nursing

Christie Kauppila is Director of Nursing at The Haven Detox-New England. With so many years of experience with the cycle, symptoms, and process of recovery—Christie is a natural leader of our nursing team, working to give patients a comfortable, coordinated, and elevated experience from intake to aftercare. A graduate of Quinsigamond Community College, Christie uses her expertise, education, and experience to enhance nursing standards at our facility, constantly pushing for better patient outcomes through best practices across teams through excellent supervision and direction. With Christie’s leadership and insight, The Haven Detox offers sound nursing care for every patient.

Brian Manzi

Brian Manzi is Chef at The Haven Detox-New England. Serving up tasty meals for patients daily—Brian began his culinary journey at an early age, cooking at a family-owned restaurant. Winner of Worcester’s “Best Chef” Competition, Brian prepares an exquisite menu for patients that brings them refreshment and nourishment as they recover in our center. Inspired by his grandfather’s creations and those of Bobby Flay, Brian ensures that patients feel satisfied and supported through the simple but profound pleasure of eating delicious, well-executed food while in treatment. The Haven Detox is proud to serve his gourmet, award-winning cuisine.