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The Healthy Way to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Recovery

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day can be a joyous occasion to get together with friends and family, enjoy food and drinks, and have fun. However, for those in recovery or dealing with mental health issues, it can be a challenging and triggering holiday. That’s why we’ve compiled this article to help people in recovery or with … Read more

Seasonal Affective Disorder

A subtype of depression or bipolar disease that starts and ends around the same time every year is seasonal depression, often known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or the “winter blues.” Most symptoms of seasonal depression usually start in the fall and last through the winter. It typically happens when the seasons change. Though it … Read more

Being Sober on The 4th of July

If you’re in recovery, you might find that the Being Sober on The 4th of July presents some unique challenges.  If drinking was a big part of your 4th of July celebrations in the past, it could be difficult to break with tradition. Or maybe, this is your first sober 4th of July holiday, and … Read more

Ringing in New Year’s Eve and Staying Sober

The year has been extraordinary, and, as the pandemic continues, many people are excited to start fresh—in so many ways. Millions of Americans with count the seconds until 2022 with champagne glasses (and more), but for those in recovery, things look a bit different. For us, ringing in the New Year means sticking to our … Read more

How to Deal with Grief and Alcoholism During the Holidays

You are not alone in sensing a challenging time of year: millions search for answers to holiday blues annually. We imagine happy families gathering around winter dinner tables with music, trees, and comfortable fires. Beneath the fantasy, however, lies something darker—conflict, strain, loneliness, and relapse.  The problem is often holiday stress and a silent grieving … Read more

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