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We are proud to say we have effectively treated thousands of patients and helped them overcome addiction. Our reviews speak for themselves and our alumni are proud to speak to our caring and proven treatment methods. We have earned a reputation for our caring and comfortable detox process.

Patient Reviews

Throughout our years of service to the community, we have helped thousands of courageous people and their families find their way to recovery and success. At the Haven Detox New England, our patients are our first priority and we continue to follow up with our patients after discharge. We are grateful to keep in touch with our patients and hear their thoughts on our care.

When I arrived at The Haven I was terrified and had no clue what this process was going to entail. The staff were welcoming and compassionate.  I have detoxed too many times to count but this time was the most comfortable and easy one yet. All of the staff are in Recovery themselves so they understood where I had come from and where I was at in my addiction. The people made the difference for me. God forbid I was ever in need for services again, this is the place I’d go!

Katherine G. 

Great staff and amazing facility. I had a great experience with them, and my detox was comfortable. I would recommend this facility to anyone that needs help with drugs or alcohol. They helped me get my life back! 

Spenser R.

The Haven was the best decision I ever made. From the moment I reached out for help until the moment I left, I felt cared for, appreciated, loved, and happier. This facility is world class. The new building and level of care that it offers has excellent staff and amenities making my stay not only enjoyable but comfortable. Going into treatment is terrifying your first time. The staff made me feel relaxed and the doctors and therapists always put my racing mind at ease. The food is excellent YUM YUM. The beds and bedrooms are nice with TV’s in all rooms and private bathrooms making your stay stress-free and relaxing while you focus on yourself. I cannot stress enough how much this place helped me. I did a lot of research prior to deciding where to go for treatment and I am so glad I chose The Haven. Top notch facility from the staff all the way through down to the daily groups and little details they put into every aspect of your stay. The cleanliness of the new building and little details they put into the paintings on the walls, the furniture, and overall aesthetic blew me away. I could not have built a more comfortable environment to detox in.

John J.

Google Reviews

Our Google reviews are another source of information about our ability to care for patients. Please check out some of our highlights:

The staff is very nice and caring. They help you through the first phase of recovery and help you prepare for the next. The techs and nursing staff are great. The doctor explains all your blood work and meds well.

Paul S.

Social Media Reviews

As time goes on, our social media continues to be a great platform for our alumni to reach out and leave reviews and reach out. Here are a couple of our reviews from Facebook:

Throughout my battle with addiction, I tried to get sober at multiple facilities and kept relapsing. It wasn’t until I went to the Haven and worked with the staff there that really care that I was able to find true recovery and stay sober. I will have 6 months of recovery this July thanks to the caring staff there.

Samuel S.

The staff at The Haven made this process comfortable and got me through detox. I was expecting much worse withdrawal symptoms but the doctors and nursing staff made sure I had everything I needed and got me through with medication and treatment.

Jacob A.