Man looking down out a window. Rapid alcohol detox is conducted under medical supervision.

Rapid Alcohol Detox

Learn how rapid alcohol detox can help you overcome addiction with The Haven Detox-New England.

Preparing to Shift from Inpatient to Outpatient Care

After completing inpatient care, your healthcare team may suggest you try outpatient care. This means you are moving away from intensive care, which requires 24/7 monitoring, and can stand on your own feet. By taking these essential steps and following the useful tips below, you can experience the benefits of outpatient care while receiving high-quality … Read more

What Is Medication Management for Mental Health?

Medication management is an important aspect of treating mental health conditions. Mental health medications are prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of various disorders, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Proper medication management involves close collaboration between the patient and the healthcare provider to ensure that the medication is being taken as directed and … Read more

Overcome Your Habits: Stop Drinking Alcohol

Whether you are struggling with addiction or simply looking to improve your physical and mental health, quitting alcohol can profoundly impact your well-being. Acknowledging your drinking problem, finding support from loved ones or professionals, and developing coping mechanisms to deal with cravings and triggers are all essential steps in recovery. This blog post will explore … Read more