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How Long Does Detox Take- A Detailed Overview

Detoxification is a program for people dependent on drugs or alcohol and is the crucial first step in addiction recovery. It involves ridding the body of the substance so that withdrawal symptoms and cravings are not as intense during treatment. Typically, it takes three to ten days to detox successfully. Detoxification may take several weeks … Read more

How to Detox from Alcohol Safely at Home

Self-detox is a process in which someone tries to stop using drugs or alcohol without medical professionals’ help. Attempting to detox on your own can be challenging and even dangerous due to the withdrawal symptoms that can arise.  Have withdrawal symptoms weakened your willpower to quit drinking? In this blog post, we will debate how … Read more

How Does Detox Work?

A detox is a medical procedure in which your body gets rid of toxins accumulated while using drugs. There are many suggestions people may have for ways you can quit using drugs quickly and successfully.  But not everyone can benefit from a single solution. You must determine which therapy or treatment plan suits you the … Read more

How Long Is Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol addiction can be tiring and affect your physical and mental health. In some extreme situations, alcohol abuse can be deadly. That is why it is crucial to get into a rehab center. However, many people are unaware of the rehab process, like which treatments they will get and how long alcohol rehab is. Going … Read more

How to Get Someone into Rehab

Addiction affects not only individuals but also their families, friends, and social circle. Sometimes, living with people with addiction becomes very hard, challenging, and irritating. At this stage, rehab becomes necessary. Getting someone into rehab is complex and can take more time than expected. There are multiple hurdles on the way to convincing someone.  In … Read more

Can You Be Allergic to Alcohol?

Have you started to notice any unpleasant symptoms after alcohol consumption? In particular, symptoms that most individuals do not experience when they drink? Whether these symptoms have recently appeared out of nowhere or you’ve always had them after drinking, signs of alcohol allergies and intolerance should not be overlooked. In those people with alcohol allergy, … Read more

Potential Risks of Mixing Ativan with Alcohol

When your doctor prescribes you to use Ativan to manage anxiety symptoms, you may think it is safe to take with alcohol. However, that is not the case. Alcohol is a sedative drug that slows down your brain function, and you feel relaxed. Ativan also affects your brain, and mixing it with alcohol can cause … Read more

How Alcohol Can Affect a Person’s Anxiety

Alcohol use and anxiety disorders are frequent co-occurring disorders that can be highly distressing and harm a person’s life. A pre-existing anxiety problem can influence an alcohol use disorder since it can worsen anxiety, cause new anxiety symptoms, or have the opposite effect, as many people use alcohol as an unhealthy coping mechanism. Key Takeaways … Read more

Families: Coping with Addiction

Addiction can affect every single person in a family, not just that individual who is fighting with substance or drug abuse.  It is challenging to take the focus off of the addict when you have a family member who struggles with alcohol addiction, whether they are in denial about it in a treatment program or … Read more

Paying for Rehab with Insurance

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a significant problem in the United States. Over 20 million Americans 12 years of age and older had SUD in 2019.  Less than 4% of those individuals obtained treatment for their problem, and fewer than 1% began rehab specializing in treating their particular condition. Many people find it difficult to … Read more