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7 Sober Activities in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to dozens of activities that can be incredibly fun for those in Massachusetts is home to dozens of activities that can be incredibly fun for those recovering from addiction who want to stay busy while adjusting to sober lifestyles.

Here are seven sober and fun activities located throughout Massachusetts that can benefit those in recovery.

1. Boston Public Garden

Picture of boston public garden

Located at 4 Charles Street in Boston and established in 1837, this public botanical garden was the very first of its kind in America. This Victorian-style garden is home to more than 80 types of beautiful and unusual plant life, featuring a pond, fountains, and several monuments.

The Boston Public Garden is ideal for those in recovery who want to spend time in a relaxing, tranquil environment surrounded by wildlife. Visitors can spend hours here picnicking, reading, painting, practicing yoga, and enjoying the various sights. The garden is open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

2. Adams National Historic Park

Located in Quincy at 135 Adams Street, the Adams National Historic Park preserves the homes of former U.S. presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams and the homes of historians Henry Adams and Brooks Adams. Each of the 11 buildings located in this park comes with a unique history and stories about the family members of five generations of the Adams family.

Adams National Historic Park offers a wide range of activities, including reenactments of historical events, performing arts, and guided tours. This park also features 13 acres of greenery in the form of orchards, gardens, and meadows that are fun to explore while envisioning how the Adams families may have spent their days.

3. Mohawk Trail

picture of mohawk trail

More than 10,000 years ago, the Mohawk Trail in northwestern Massachusetts got used as a trading and fishing route by Native Americans. Today, the trail is considered one of the most beautiful scenic drives in Massachusetts and features several points of interest, including roadside attractions and scenic views.

Visitors to Mohawk Trail can hike or camp in one of its many parks or take one of several driving tours to spend one or more days exploring the area. This national attraction is yet another fun outdoor adventure that exposes those in recovery to plenty of lush wildlife, fresh air, and a wide range of physical activities.

4. Harvard University

As one of the most widely known and prestigious universities in the U.S. and the entire world, Harvard University in Cambridge is steeped in history. The school offers several tours and other fun activities for visitors. This private Ivy League institute was established in 1636 and spans 209 acres on its main campus. Visitors can stroll through Widener Library and Memorial Church and admire the Victorian Gothic architecture of Memorial Hall.

Other attractions worth visiting at Harvard University are the sunken garden in Radcliffe Yard and the Tercentenary Theatre. In addition, spending the day at Harvard can often inspire those in recovery to further their careers and education or learn an exciting new trade that motivates them to stay sober.

5. Freedom Trail

Stretching for 2.5 miles through downtown Boston, the Freedom Trail is a fun way to visit numerous attractions while receiving a history lesson at the same time. Visitors can tour the area themselves or join a guided tour that takes them to 16 historical sites, including museums, churches, and meetinghouses, all of which played an important role in the American Revolution.

Tickets for guided tours along the Freedom Trail are relatively inexpensive at under $20 for adults. Fans of Colonial American history will enjoy visiting the various sites frequented by the brave men and women who helped shape the U.S. and secure freedom and independence for its citizens.

6. Beaches

massachusetts Beaches

Massachusetts is home to nearly 200 miles of beautiful coastline and beaches, including Cape Cod. Historic lighthouses, seafood restaurants, and tidal pools are some of the many extra attractions that line the coast of Massachusetts.

Some of the top-rated beaches here include Crane Beach in Ipswich, Race Point Beach in Provincetown, and Chatham Lighthouse Beach in Chatham; the latter two are on Cape Cod. People in recovery can visit one of many beaches in Massachusetts to reduce stress and anxiety and relax while listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean and surf.

7. Museums

Museums are in high abundance in Massachusetts, the sixth state to join the Union in 1788. However, its history goes back way earlier—given that it was the home of the infamous Salem witch trials in 1692 and the center of the movement for independence from Great Britain during the American Revolution. Residents and visitors to Massachusetts can spend every weekend visiting its museums and staying busy for many years.

Some of the top-rated museums in Massachusetts include the House of Seven Gables and the Salem Witch Museum in Salem; the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge; the Hammond Castle Museum in Gloucester; the Worcester Art Museum; the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River; and the Museum of Fine Arts and Boston Tea Party Ships in Boston.

Nearly everyone can find a museum that caters to their personal and historical interests. Many of these museums are near restaurants, gift shops, and other fun attractions that make day trips worth it.

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