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How Social Media Affects Your Perception of Alcohol

Social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram give you a glimpse into all your friends’ most exciting experiences, including those that involve alcohol. Many advertisers and alcohol brands use social media platforms to target audiences and age groups who may buy and consume their products. The more time you spend on social media sites, … Read more

Fitness in Recovery and Why It’s Important for Healing

Exercise offers countless benefits for people recovering from addiction—why many drug and alcohol rehab centers have on-site fitness centers and fitness programs. Exercise can reduce stress, regulate hormones and brain chemistry, and boost the immune system after being compromised by chronic drug and alcohol use. Continue reading to learn more about fitness benefits in recovery … Read more

10 Ways Going to the Gym Can Help With Mental Health

Nearly all medical organizations are united when it comes to the health benefits of exercise. Regular physical activity gets recommended by the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, the American College of Sports Medicine, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—and the list goes on. Exercise benefits a person’s body from head … Read more

7 Sober Activities in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to dozens of activities that can be incredibly fun for those in Massachusetts is home to dozens of activities that can be incredibly fun for those recovering from addiction who want to stay busy while adjusting to sober lifestyles. Here are seven sober and fun activities located throughout Massachusetts that can benefit … Read more