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What Exactly Is an Addiction Treatment Plan?

An addiction treatment plan is a detailed, step-by-step recovery plan designed to help you recover from your alcohol or drug use disorder. It’s important to choose a drug and alcohol rehab center that creates customized addiction treatment plans for each of its patients as opposed to a rehab center that uses the same set of … Read more

Keep Your Job and Get Alcohol Addiction Treatment

You may fear drug or alcohol rehab will halt or hurt your career, and you’re not the only one. Many people put off substance abuse treatment, thinking they’ll lose their job or look bad at work. Luckily, federal law protects you in the workplace as you recover from addiction. Know your rights as an employee, … Read more

How Stress Can Create Addiction

People suffering from a substance use disorder (and those who have witnessed loved ones struggle with addiction) often wonder about the origins of the addiction itself. They may begin tracing back through their life’s events, trying to pinpoint stressful situations that could have triggered their substance abuse. Whether it is an alcohol use disorder, an … Read more

What Are Some Common Warning Signs of Drug or Alcohol Relapse?

Relapse is a common occurrence in the process of recovering from drug addiction or alcohol abuse. Some behavioral health experts estimate that over 90% of people in recovery experience at least one full-blown relapse before achieving long-term sobriety. It’s important to remember that there is no cure for a substance or alcohol use disorder. Relapsing … Read more


Why Choose The Haven DETOX New England Massachusetts Drug and Alcohol Rehab The Haven Detox New England focuses on individual drug and alcohol recovery in every addiction treatment service, therapy, or rehab program. Full rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol requires a multi-faceted and individual approach to treatment with care and compassion. The Haven Detox New … Read more

Is Lucemyra Addictive? Potential for Abuse

The United States is facing an opioid epidemic of unprecedented scale. Opioids such as prescription painkillers, heroin, and even the synthetic opiate medications that treat opiate addiction, hold countless people—and their loved ones—in their grasp. As a mental illness, opioid addiction spares no gender, race, or socioeconomic class. According to the US Centers for Disease … Read more