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What is SMART Recovery?

Graphic explaining four focus points of SMART Recovery

You are not alone if you have ever wondered what SMART Recovery is. SMART Recovery stands for “Self-Management and Recovery Training.”

SMART Recovery started in the United States in 1992 as an internationally recognized non-profit organization that assists people in overcoming addictions. The organization emphasizes the importance of self-reliance, non-religious meetings, and a scientific approach to recovery. It also offers a virtual component and in-person meetings to treat behavioral disorders. Read more to learn more about how vital the Smart Recovery program is for people recovering from substance use disorders or behavioral addictions.

SMART Recovery: A Science-Based Addiction Recovery Program

SMART recovery is a powerful community that includes passionate volunteers who recovered with the program and are driven to help others. SMART Recovery is a 12-step, scientific, and behavioral addiction recovery program that teaches participants how to control addictive behaviors.

The SMART program methods are similar to the ones used by AA. The SMART approach teaches self-regulation tools to control impulses, avoid false promises, and build inner resiliency. Since scientific communities agree that addiction is often genetic, those who are genetically predisposed to addiction may still benefit from the SMART approach alongside medication management.

How SMART Recovery Helps Individuals Live without Addiction

SMART Recovery is a program that helps people learn how to overcome the dysfunctional beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors associated with addictions. SMART Recovery has four main points taught through cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Adventure Therapy, Rational emotive behavior therapy, and other scientific techniques. The four focus points are:

  • Building and maintaining motivation
  • Coping with urges
  • Managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Leading a balanced life

Participants are encouraged to participate in meetings and share their stories with others who have gone through the same challenges. Relapses are a normal part of the recovery process, and they can be an opportunity to learn how to handle future relapses. The SMART Recovery program emphasizes the importance of self-reliance and self-empowerment and supports using prescription medication and other methods to overcome addiction. 

Meetings are open, educational, and feature open discussion of cravings and other issues. SMART Recovery members also receive peer support. SMART Recovery program treats thousands of people in the United States to live an addiction-free life and stay sober. By participating in SMART Recovery meetings, members can learn how to identify and overcome their cravings, avoid relapse, and maintain sobriety.

Build a Healthy, Balanced Life with SMART Recovery 

The SMART Recovery program focuses on changing unhealthy thought patterns. The program teaches individuals to identify triggers for relapse and to avoid them. The SMART Recovery program has a relapse prevention plan that graduates can apply once the program is over. The program is designed to help participants maintain long-term sobriety by addressing the factors that trigger a relapse.

The program teaches participants how to delay cravings for a short period effectively. SMART Recovery teaches participants to use escape, acceptance, and substitution to resist cravings. It also explores distorted thinking and how it can affect behavior. Other triggers include stressful situations and general emotions. While some triggers can be overcome with awareness, others should be avoided altogether. 

SMART Recovery is an excellent choice for anyone suffering from addiction. If you really want to build healthy and balanced lives, get access to the SMART Recovery Program through The Haven Detox-New England.

A Non-Religious Way to Create Recovery

The use of non-religious recovery programs in the United States is growing rapidly. SMART Recovery is one such program that recognizes people are complex and can be addicted to anything, including alcohol and drugs. 

The program focuses on self-awareness, accountability, direction, and structure, not on the use of drugs and alcohol. The SMART Recovery model includes the non-religious elements of the 12-step program. The program can advise detox treatment to overcome withdrawal from drugs and alcohol as well as residential treatment programs for drugs and alcohol.

SMART Recovery is a secular, non-religious approach to an abstinence-focused mutual support group. It incorporates scientific principles to empower addicts and other individuals. SMART Recovery’s approach to treatment also includes a non-religious, Life Ring-style network. The organization is a non-profit, which means it isn’t affiliated with any religious organization. It matches recovery to the person’s individual needs and wants.

Its Peer Support Helps Form Self-Reliance

SMART Recovery is an addiction treatment approach that focuses on individuals’ self-reliance and does not require a lifetime commitment. Its goal is to increase a person’s motivation and self-control and to help them cope with triggers and cravings. SMART Recovery complements AA and other forms of addiction treatment individualized to meet the needs of each individual. 

The principles of SMART Recovery are similar to those of the 12-step program but with an emphasis on self-reliance. Participants examine their problematic behaviors and make positive plans in the meeting. Members also learn how to identify negative self-talk and their underlying problems. The program encourages people to remain active in their recovery and to share what they have learned. Members are discouraged from using terms like alcoholic or addict.

SMART Recovery Offers In-Person and Virtual Meetings

SMART Recovery offers both in-person and virtual meetings. Meetings are held daily and begin with a “check-in,” an introduction of yourself, and how you found SMART Recovery. You are not required to participate in these meetings, but you can join them anytime. The meeting rooms open a few minutes early. You can also watch the live streaming video and message boards and participate in a message board.

SMART Recovery offers both in-person and virtual meetings, as well as peer support groups. Its specialized programs and in-person meetings are designed to meet the specific needs of different communities. Through SMART, you can start your road to a successful “Life Beyond Addiction.” With a free membership, you can join a SMART meeting anywhere. No matter what part of the country you live in, you can find support for your addiction.

SMART Recovery offers in-person meetings, which are open to the public. Sessions last 90 minutes by trained facilitators. Click on the city or town you’d like to join to participate. You can sign up for the meeting that fits your schedule or register for one or two weekly meetings. The best way to register for a virtual session is to go to the website and register for one week at a time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does SMART Stand for in Recovery?

SMART in SMART Recovery programs stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training.

How would you compare SMART Recovery to AA?

The concept of SMART Recovery differs from that of Alcoholics Anonymous. Instead of seeing addiction as a disease or a compulsion, SMART Recovery views addiction as a dysfunctional habit that develops despite a predisposition towards addictive behavior.

In what ways is SMART Recovery a much better alternative to AA?

Smart Recovery is more scientific than AA. Unlike Alcoholics Anonymous, SMART Recovery does not focus on spiritual growth or promote powerlessness over addiction. Moreover, unlike Alcoholics Anonymous, SMART Recovery does not use the concept of a “Higher Power.”

Overcome Behaviors of Addictions by Haven Detox New England

At The Haven Detox-New England, you will see experienced professionals helping patients live a healthy life and move toward sobriety. Like SMART Recovery, we also offer evidence-based treatment programs. We use the philosophy of the SMART Recovery program to promote self-empowerment in the safest and most comfortable environment.

The Haven Detox-New England is a guaranteed facility that can help you achieve freedom from addictions and reclaim your life. We offer detox and residential treatment services. We use scientific research in our treatment program. You will learn to live a new life free of drug habits. Contact us at (844) 933-4145 to learn more.